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A · Doctor's · Journal

Questionable Medicine

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[Private, locked to Yanagi and Kabuto but not cut. Players should feel free to read it but characters can't know what's goig on. Muhahaha]

Kabuto entered Holding Cell number six with the confidence that he would leave it victorious. He’d set everything else he had to do that day aside as soon as he’d been given the go-ahead from Orochimaru to begin genjutsu on Yanagi. The Lullabye Jutsu he’d perfected on Temari had worked so splendidly that he was quite sure it would have similar results on this subject. In order to better please Orochimaru, Kabuto decided the sooner he got his answers the better.

Little did he know what… or who… was waiting for him.

The jutsu worked well enough. She was quite strong but within a matter of moments she’d entered the Twilight Sleep stage and her mind was supposed to be his for the taking.

Then something went wrong.

Suddenly, the room appeared to go dark and he was startled to see his subject, half-naked and chained to a sort of throne to his right. Seated on it was none other than Orochimaru himself, or so it seemed. The voice that issued forth from his master’s form was significantly more intimidating than Orochimaru’s.

“What's the matter... Kabuto, was it?” he purred at the medic’s reaction. “Do I frighten you in this form? Perhaps you'd like this better.” ‘Orochimaru’ scattered and reformed in the shape of a young woman. Temari’s face sneered at him.
Kabuto’s blood ran cold as he struggled to understand what had happened. “What are you…?” he asked.
She clicked her tongue at him. “You didn’t do your homework,” she drawled.
Kabuto folded arms and tried not to appear as terrified as he was becoming. This was one of Yanagi's fabled demons she tamed. But how was it acting this way? “I knew something of it,” he admitted coolly. “But didn't account for my technique to backfire so horribly.”
“You ignorant child,” she spat. “Your technique didn't backfire! All of this is my doing. I could have done it without your help but I just thought it'd be much more amusing this way.”
Kabuto frowned. “Then I'm... not inside Yanagi...?”
She grinned. “You are. And you aren't. Technically right now... we're inside of you~!”

It didn’t take very long for the medic to discover that he was hopelessly trapped inside a genjutsu generated by a much more powerful being than himself. Memories of what Orochimaru used to practice on him in his early days danced through his head, but the severity of his predicament made it hard to dwell on the past for very long.

This thing, whatever it was, was inside his head. It could see everything, perhaps just as an advanced Sharingan user like Uchiha Itachi could. It tried to dig up dirt to use against him, to break him down. It picked at the largest attachment it could find, that to the Sand Princess. It tried to use Kabuto’s emotions against him knowing full well from having seen deep inside that there was very little else that would make the traitor want to plead for his life.

He was berated by the demon in Temari’s guise for some time, taunted with death threats and worse. “I'm going to tear you to shreds and then take over your body. Unless you can give me a reason not to devour your pathetic little soul…”
Finally Kabuto came to the conclusion that there was nothing he could do to stop this demon and he laughed, hanging his head. "You looked inside. You know how much I value my wretched existence... Besides which I'm out of options.” He spread his arms and looked up. “Do your worst.”
Temari grinned wide in a sick, sadistic grin that sent a wave of nausea through him. “I like that,” she purred. “Well, let see how well you bleed…”

Kabuto sighed. He knew one day a death like this would come. He just didn’t suppose it would be so early. “My only regret is not seeing her one last time. I would have liked to have told her the truth...” he whispered. The demon laughed and Temari’s visage distorted even more unlike the genuine article. It teased him about how Temari’s heart belonged to someone else with an awkward callousness. Kabuto smirked. “You can't excite me anymore with your words. You don't understand emotions at all, so you can't affect me by trying to tweak mine. Just kill me or whatever and be done with it.” If there was one thing Kabuto could never be accused of it was being a coward. He held his chin high and glared at the demon.

“You're just no fun." It pouted. "No screaming, nothing exciting! Well, let us get this over with,” it said. “This is going to hurt... A lot.” Very suddenly Temari looked over her shoulder at the form of Yanagi, still staring vacantly, mouth slightly open. The demon sighed. “But you know what. I change my mind. You get to live.”
Kabuto blinked at him and fell to his knees with exhaustion. “You should hang out with Orochimaru some time. You sadists would be fast friends, you know that?” he said breathlessly.
The demon waved its hand and Kabuto froze in place. “Don't tempt me, you little shit. The only reason why you get to live is because she begged me to spare your sad little life,” it said, pointing to Yanagi. “So count your blessings.”
Kabuto could not move but he wondered how Yanagi was able to communicate with it and how on earth she was able to change its mind… and why?
”Well, enjoy,” Temari’s doppelganger said cheerily. “I'm going to have some fun now.” And like a candle being blown out, suddenly, it was gone.

* * *
At last. A real lead. And we're off!

Locked to SoundCollapse )

* * *
It seems the former-former Kazekage will be harder to locate than first imagined. *narrows eyes* Though I am tempted to prod the Princess a bit for even more information, the winds of this desert are changing and so too are Orochimaru-sama's plans.

Sometimes, it's hard to play Master of Spies and Surgeon General at the same time... *sigh* There's a lot of information bouncing around and getting it straight is difficult, especially when we're not in our own base. Ah well. Work work work...

* * *
* * *
Ah. What a fruitless day.

And I had so hoped she would be useful, for once. Orochimaru-sama doesn't seem to be as upset as I had anticipated he would be. I think seeing a good, rousing torture session does wonders for his demeanor. If he'd let me study him psychologically, I'm sure I could prove this theory to be sound...

After the session, I decided to see if the Sand Princess had given our little proposal more thought. I sauntered down the empty lower jail which was cold but just as arrid as the surface. She was sitting on the floor of the cell with her unconcious bother sort of laying on her lap when I arrived. She was lost in pity, cooing over his mashed body.

"Oh god, I am so sorry..." she sniffled.

"Not sorry enough to have saved him from torture, though..." I pointed out.

She looked up at me with her brother's blood all over her face and hands and growled at me to get lost. I scolded her with a few clicks of my tongue. "You know, I would but this is our turf these days so I can stand here till the cows come home."

"Oh, you mean you're not needed to wipe Orochimaru's ass? How nice for you."

"He has people for that," I replied, trying to lighten the mood and pushed my glasses up my nose. "But seriously. Why didn't you save him?" I asked and nodded toward the hunk of meat in her arms.

She laughed darkly. "Even if I gave you an answer, you wouldn't understand it."


"In order for us to speak the same language you need to sort of not be a traitor."

I was starting to realize that this tact wouldn't work. She hadn't broken down at all, even going so far as to dig up the past, again! But perhaps there was still hope... "All we need is a name, Temari," I said quietly, using her name for the first time in a long while. "Names are the same in all languages. Even mine."

She laughed at me. Ok, so maybe that wasn't working, either. "A name?" she spat. "I have a name for you. Gaara!"

I shook my head. She just didn't get it. "He can't read the scroll."

She was getting irritated now, probably fighting exhaustion and wishing I would just go away and let her sleep. "What makes you think that I, of all people, know this? I was a child when it happened. Why don't you go torture some of the Council members? They're sure to know the answer."

Again I shook my head. "Oh, we covered that, I assure you. They're just as useless to us as they were to you, I'm sure."

She turned her nose up and shrugged. "Well then I don't think I can help you."

Now my patience was growing thin. I crouched down and tried to look her in the eyes. "You know," I inisited. "I saw it on your face when Orochimaru-sama prompted you."

"Oh, hey, here's an idea," she said, sort of laughing, her exhaustion wearing on her brain, or so it seemed. "Maybe you can ressurect my father and ask him! I'm sure he has a few nice words for the two of you."

"Hey," I said, going along for the ride. "That's not a bad idea! By all accounts he was a bastard himself. He'd fit right in with us, wouldn't he?"

She laughed a sort of crackpot old-woman sounding laugh. "Sure! Go ahead. I don't care. I was glad to hear that fucker bit it..." Yep. She'd lost it.

I sighed and stood back up. "Oh good. Good..." Not good. She was off in the land of the lost and useless to me as an interrogation subject until she'd had some rest. I turned and leaned against the wall outside her cell.

"Oooh," she sang. "You better hurry though, because no one really knows where he's burried... Corpses don't really hold up too much in the sands you know..." She lowered her head and cooed to her brother again. "Shhh. It's okay...it'll be okay..I promise...."

Ah well.

"Well I know where he was killed, anyway..." I continued, playing along for the hell of it. "He'd look sort of gross, I suppose. If there's anything left at all... And the smell. Well. I've actually sort of grown fond of that smell. Reminds me of home."

Her head shot up for a moment. "You disgust me," she hissed.

That was more like it. My hope renewed, I decided to call it a night and pushed off from the wall. "Well, we'll do this again tomorrow, shall we?"

She called out as I walked away. "You're wasting your time~!"

"I'm sure that's what your brother-dear thinks too," I sniped with a wave as I disapeared into the darkness.
* * *
* * *
The sand isn't the only thing getting under my skin...

I was able to capture the target's older sister without breaking a sweat thanks to her severe exhaustion which was nice, but she was somehow able to guarentee the target's escape in the meantime!

*Takes a deep breath*

Orochimaru-sama will not be pleased... I'm hoping he takes it out on my prisoner... and that I get to watch.

* * *
I can't really say I care for a desert climate. I think there is even sand in my ears.

Despite this discomfort, things are proceeding well.

Since I've arrived I've been able to trick not a few Sand nin by placing their comrade's faces over our Sound nin's. Imagine their surprise when brother turns on brother. Oh, it's really something. ^_^

We're advancing reletively easily, being that the Sand's resources were low and the surprise factor was high.

Now, Orochimaru-sama is preparing for our true purpose here. I can honestly say I am twitching with excitement.

*twitch twitch*

I do hope I get to see you again, pony-tail girl ^_^

* * *